The Trendiest Craze: Antique Door Knobs

Lately, antique door knobs have become really some of the trendiest crazes among people all over the United States. If ten years ago these door hardware accessories were extremely difficult to find and purchase, today, this opportunity is given to every modern homeowner. Thus, these items are winning a significant niche in the contemporary market. A great number of people are already enjoying the attractiveness and style of these knobs in their homes. Many people consider antique door knobs to be masterpieces and focal points of their houses, while others don't understand the sense of having such an accessory at a modern home. In any case, these knobs remain an important topic for discussion.

At present, there exists an antique door knob group that was founded in 1978. These were the times when a few door knob amateurs first created their newsletter in which they described the purpose of their group in detail. During several years after its foundation, the number of the group significantly grew and anyone could join it. Nowadays, this group even has a website that features interesting facts and information.

An Antique Brass Knobs in combination with Antique Brass Door Handles are the most popular antique door knobs nowadays. If you're interested in these irreplaceable items you can find get more information about them in the Internet by browsing the name of these hardware pieces.

The first knobs had a shape of ringlets or door stoppers made of wood. Earlier, most of palaces were constructed in the form of extremely large rooms. One room could be used for eating, sleeping and carrying out one's business. But in the end of 1500's people started dividing these areas into several rooms. New palaces were built with much smaller rooms. In this way the interior design of these residences was significantly changed as well.

These smaller rooms also carried out a protective function, as they shielded their owners from any attackers and intruders inside the property. So, these rooms are prototypes of contemporary panic rooms which had hidden passages to chambers, hallways, etc. some of these passages were many kilometers long. With the help of these paths a king could escape.

With the development of these rooms there emerged the need for doors which were closed with knobs and helped room owners to keep away from the inside world. At first these doors had no keys, but soon key locks were invented as well.

During the epoch of renaissance delicately made knobs with handles were created. They were made from different types of materials including glass, steel, marble, brass, and copper. There are some historic documents witnessing that some of such hardware pieces were made of gold. In any case, their design is impressing and extremely delicate.

The first doorknobs were work of the best artisans of those times. And even those created in the 20th century feature the intricate patterns of these door knobs. Many of them don't only have an exquisite design and construction but also very tricky keys which are difficult to use for people who are not aware of their correct usage.

Today, everyone can choose from an unlimited variety of antique door replications online. You can make your choice taking into account the design, contour and materials of this or that item. Many wonderful knobs are true replications of the Romantic Period doorknobs.